Mumbai | 21st SEPTEMBER
We are on our next leg - introducing Chuk to India's financial capital, Mumbai.

The event being held at Todi Mill Social will start with an analyst outreach meet to brief analysts and financial media on Yash Pakka company profile, expansion plans, revenue figures etc.

The panel discussion on Promoting Sustainability in Food Industry will focus on the scope of sustainable packaging solutions in the food industry. Sustainable packaging is no longer a want for food and beverage producers, it is now a need. To stay competitive in the current market and to thrive in the future, food and beverage companies must become sustainable. While implementing sustainable systems is certainly a responsibility of socially conscious businesses, applying eco-efficient and green-friendly practices will satisfy consumer demand and will contribute to a significant competitive advantage. Consumer health is another motivating factor for food and beverage producers. As an increasing interest in consumer health is driving customers to check packaging labels, the packaging itself can be a major contributor to consumer perception.

The unveiling of Chuk tableware will be followed by an evening of craft beer, good food and happy people.