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chuk about us
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What motivates us?

Chuk is a group of passionate individuals who believe that our everyday work can make a huge impact on our community, our planet and us. We work in self-organized structures rather than hierarchy. We hire from disadvantaged populations. We innovate to solve environmental problems. We subsidize children’s education. We use zero fossil fuels in production. We help little old ladies cross all streets and kiss babies too. Are we perfect? Hardly. But we’re trying
And what are we going for? We want to reduce garbage, replace plastics with non-toxic alternatives, and make the Mother Earth do a little dance as she gets cleaned up. We want to leave the earth better for your kids, their kids, the cows, the turtles, the mangoes… you get the point. Now join us!

You Won’t Want To Miss This

A revolution doesn’t happen in a day. Check out our timeline below to see how it all started, some inside scoops, the evolution to CHUK, and perhaps even some pretty fabulous baby photos.

Chuk Works In A Circle

There’s a new buzz word in town – the circular economy. We are big fans – especially since we’ve been doing exactly that for over thirty years. All our tableware products are made from agri-residue. What is agri-residue? It’s simply the leftovers that used to be burned. Now, we use it to make juicy, glumpy, glorious pulp. But let’s start at the beginning.
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1. Growing

Sugarcane grows abundantly where we live and then sweetens the world.

We are the only pulp-2-product brand in the world. What does this mean for you? You can count on us for quality, consistency, and reliable supply. Basically, we’re in it together and CHUK products roll off the shiny machines ready to head your way. Making things will always require energy and perhaps waste— but we’re trying our best to minimize harmful impact. And if you got any ideas on how we can do any better, we’re happy to hear!