839. 1234
14181. 66
Plastic Elimination Index

839 million people ate safe meals

14181 tonnes of good garbage

839. 1234
14181. 66
Plastic Elimination Index

839 million people ate safe meals

14181 tonnes of good garbage

How Can QSR’s Turn Ecofriendly Tableware into a Key USP for Consumers?

Restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops are everywhere. With new businesses coming in, the competition in this industry is rising at an exponential rate. One needs to set themselves apart to gain a competitive edge.

As far as these quick service restaurants and cafes are concerned, people abandoned them for dine-in because of safety and environmental concerns. Hygiene and cleanliness also contributed to these factors.

Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people quickly shifted to food deliveries because there is no risk of going out and delivery partners and riders always take care of cleanliness and hygiene.

The Trend of Dine-in Slowly Saw the Rise in Demand

Long after people started healing from the pandemic crisis, there was a rise in demand for restaurants again. People started going out with friends and family for dine-in and stopped seeing food deliveries as the only way to drool over their favourite dishes.

This happened because many restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops started focusing on health, hygiene, and cleanliness.

But more than that, they even started to focus on eco-friendly practices and began to educate their employees on the same. Today, many restaurants are using eco-friendly disposables to serve food to their customers.

For example, they have switched from single-use plastic menus to digital menus. Salt or pepper is not usually given in paper caches rather than plastic bottles. Food delivery is often done in biodegradable or compostable food packaging. And the food is served in eco-friendly dishes.

Switching to compostable plates and bowls and other cutlery will not only keep your staff and customers safe. But it will even impact the environment positively.

Here’s why restaurants like yours should start using biodegradable cutlery.

Benefits of Compostable Disposables

1. Made from natural materials

Biodegradable plates and bowls and other tableware products are made from natural materials which are safer for the environment. For example, CHUK tableware is made from agricultural waste like sugarcane pulp and is microwaveable, ovenable, and freezable.

2. No-toxic chemicals

Unlike single-use plastic disposables, biodegradable or compostable disposables do not leave any harmful chemicals or toxins behind. Moreover, they do not end up in landfills and harm the environment.

3. Breaks down easily

Biodegradable and compostable tableware products can break down or compost easily. After the entire composting process, it even keeps the fertility of the soil alive. It ends up positively impacting the environment.

4. Do not require cleaning

Eco-friendly tableware disposables do not require any cleaning as compared to other tableware. This eliminates the hard work and effort that goes into washing and cleaning the dishes. Whereas, these disposable plates or other cutlery can be discarded into the compost using gloves.

Compostable Tableware is the Future…

Since compostable cutlery promises to keep customers safe, people will only choose restaurants or cafes that start using this tableware. As people are becoming more concerned about the environment, they look up to brands that are more eco-conscious. Thus, this is your chance to turn ecoware tableware into a key USP for your consumers.

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