901. 1234
Plastic Elimination Index
16472. 66

839 million people ate safe meals

14181 tonnes of good garbage

901. 1234
Plastic Elimination Index
16472. 66

901 million people ate safe meals

16472 tonnes of good garbage

Ram Mandir prasad served in Dona pattal

Ram mandir prasad served in Chuk

Divine Feast with Dona Pattal: A Sustainable Miracle at Ram Mandir

Ever dreamt of your products gracing a momentous event? Well, for Chuk, that dream just became a delicious, sustainable reality! We had the incredible honor of providing our compostable bagasse plates (aka “dona pattal“) to everyone at the Ayodhya Ram Mandir consecration ceremony! Talk about a pinch-me moment!

Serving Up Prasad as an Eco-Warrior

Imagine the scene: Thousands of devotees, their faces glowing with joy, using our eco-friendly plates to savor the prasad offered at the Ram Mandir. It was a celebration of tradition and innovation coming together.

A Statement for Sustainability

But this wasn’t just about serving up delicious food on compostable tableware (although, let’s be honest, sugarcane bagasse tableware is pretty awesome). This was about walking the talk when it comes to sustainability. We were thrilled to be chosen by the Ram Mandir Trust, not just for our products, but for our commitment to a cleaner future. By choosing local, plant-based tableware instead of the usual plastic suspects, the Ram Mandir Trust sent a powerful message about environmental responsibility. It showed that even the most traditional institutions can embrace sustainable practices, and that made us, the little guys with the big dreams, do a little jig (or maybe a full-blown bhangra!).

Local and Plant-Powered – A Match Made in Eco-Heaven

Speaking of local, did we mention that bagasse tableware are made right here in India, using sustainably sourced sugarcane pulp? Talk about reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local farmers! That’s a statement, and one we’re incredibly proud to be a part of. It shows that sustainability isn’t just a fad, it’s the future, and it’s being embraced by even the most traditional institutions like Ram Mandir Trust. Creating a sustainable future that’s good for the planet and good for our communities and partnering with the Ram Mandir Trust felt like a match made in heaven.

Prime Ministerial Recognition

And to add another layer of awesomeness to this experience, guess who inaugurated the Ram Mandir? The one and only Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself! Talk about serendipity for a brand committed to local, sustainable initiatives!

Earth’s Happy Dance – The Power of Compostable Tableware

But the real celebration goes beyond this one event. Chuk sugarcane plates are compostable in just 180 days, turning into nutrient-rich soil that nourishes the earth they came from. This means no more plastic ending up in landfills or polluting our oceans. Every Chuk plate used at the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony represents a tiny step towards a healthier planet, a step we’re incredibly proud to be a part of. It’s like Mother Earth herself doing a little happy dance, knowing that we’re choosing sustainable alternatives for our celebrations and everyday lives.

A Huge Shoutout and Big Dreams Ahead:

So, here’s a massive shoutout to the Ram Mandir Trust for choosing Chuk! We’re humbled and grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And to all our amazing customers, thank you for supporting our mission to create a world where delicious food and a healthy planet go hand-in-hand.

This is just the beginning, folks. We’ve got big dreams and serving up smiles (and sustainable tableware) at the Ram Mandir is just the first chapter. Stay tuned for more eco-friendly adventures, because with Chuk, the future is looking mighty green (and tasty)!

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