Business Opportunities in Compostable Tableware Market

It is believed that business opportunities in the compostable market are immense. Although, many businesses have started shifting their focus toward the compostable market; studies say that the major contributor will be the food industry. This is because the food service industry would be the key end-user contributing to the market share due to the […]

How Can QSR’s Turn Ecofriendly Tableware into a Key USP for Consumers?

Restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops are everywhere. With new businesses coming in, the competition in this industry is rising at an exponential rate. One needs to set themselves apart to gain a competitive edge. As far as these quick service restaurants and cafes are concerned, people abandoned them for dine-in because of safety and environmental […]

Use 100% Compostable Tableware for Business Impact

The use of compostable food packaging and tableware has been growing exponentially over the years. Many businesses are using compostable cutlery at different corporate events mainly for two reasons — Health and the environment. Many businesses have indeed started purchasing wholesale plates and cutlery for their office parties or other corporate events. It not only […]

Food Delivery — An Opportunity for Sustainable Tableware

The pandemic or COVID crisis as we all know revolutionised the food industry. More than that, we saw people switching to food delivery rather than opting to go out. Even though the crisis has come to an end, a major chunk of the audience still prefers food delivery due to convenience. This convenience came because […]

CHUK at Outlook Travellers 2022 – Awards & Summit

CHUK was super excited to be the Sustainability Partner of Outlook Traveller Summit and Awards on 24 Aug in Leela Palace, Delhi. The event was attended by government dignitaries in the tourism & travel industry from different states across India.  The Chief Guest Shri G Kishan Reddy, Hon’ble Union Minister for Culture, Tourism & DONER, Govt. of India, spoke about […]

CHUK at AAHAR 2022

chuk at aahar

CHUK was present at AAHAR 2022, the biggest food and hospitality expo. More than 10000 visitors were part of the event, many of whom were attracted to the Chuk stall due to its Stall design and our unique product offerings. The discussion mainly centered on the availability of the products, distributorship and sales enquiries with […]